Alternative Linux File System Hierarchy

The GoboLinux project looks interesting, in terms of their alternative file system hierarchy for Linux. As a long-term Linux user (10+ years), and Unix before that, I still do not grok where files should go. I view the home directory of a user as being private, so my common files (such as audio) as well as projects (work) do not seem to fit. I like the idea of /Files and /Depot directories, respectively for those two issues.

This may be pedantic, but it also seems that bin is wrong, in a conventional distribution, since those files are actually executables, not binary — many are scripts — and one would not think of putting true binary files, such as MP3s, in /usr/local/bin. That also raises the question — unsatisfactorily answered, to me — about what “local” means. Not shared? Not public?

I also like that Opera — my preferred browser — is included. It doesn’t seem that the bane of my favorite distribution, Fedora, is “fixed”, in that for example, proprietary (non-GPLed) codecs are included in the core distribution of GoboLinux.

The GoboLinux project seems to borrow from the design of the OS X file system hierarchy, which I’ve liked. I’d like to see programs filed according to the “domain” of their source, such as /Programs/org/apache/....