Cleanliness Is Next to Silence

My speakers died the other day, so when I was removing them from my main home computer, I noticed how dusty that area was, including the grill over the rear fan. The case is an Antec Sonata II, which is normally very quiet, but I’d recently noticed how loud it was. Not overbearingly loud, but much more noticable than the other Sonata II-based machine at home. I’d thought that the cause of the noise was that the power supply was aging, and began bracing myself for its demise.

So with a bit of idle time today, I shut it down and did a perfunctory cleaning. I didn’t remove the chassis air duct, nor the CPU fan, but with a never-used paintbrush and some compressed air, managed to clean nearly all the dust out.

After putting it back into operation, I was surprised at how quiet it is, back to how it was when it was built. Very nice.