Replacing Asus K50IJ Keyboard

Other than replacing and upgrading memory, I’ve never done any hardware work on laptops, but today I finally replaced a laptop whose keyboard had been molting for a while, losing four of its keys. had a replacement keyboard here for $20.

So with keyboard in hand, it was time to replace the old one. It was easy enough to find instructions online, but several links returned by Google for “replacing laptop keyboard asus k50ij” had misleading and incorrect directions, or seemed to be simply generic templates for laptop keyboard replacement, but not specific to the Asus K50IJ.

This site had the most accurate and thorough information, including annotated photos, making it (literally and figurative) a snap to install the new keyboard, in just a few minutes.

Now, back to coding, and to wondering why Gradle does not seem to apply exclude patterns during compilation, and thus complains about Emacs temporary files being unreadable files.