I’ve been a programmer, professionally going into my third decade, and for a few years as an amateur before that.

I started in Unix and C environments (Solaris, IRIX, large-scale simulations, distributed systems), then moved to C++, working on ARPA/DARPA projects. I switched from the government and military environments to the private sector, co-writing a Windows application to do color formulation and analysis.

The next plunge was Java, and I had found Linux before then, making it my operating system of choice, and never looking back, starting with Red Hat, then Fedora, then Ubuntu and Mint. I went from C shell to tsch, then Bash, then Z shell, and have used the latter nearly exclusively for the past 15 years or so.

With Java, I’ve done graphics (AWT, Swing, SWT) and Android programs, but primarily server code as well as various web technologies (HTTP, HTML, CSS) and data formats (XML, JSON, YAML). I’ve also built testing frameworks and generic JDK extensions.

In my early days I found Perl, then around 2000 began to migrate to Ruby, which I use heavily now. At Rubyconf 2003, which I attended, DHH presented Rails, and I began to work with that off and on ever since.

My online presence is this blog, but mainly here at Github.

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