Silencing Konsole Notification

Applications in KDE can send notifications, which result in popups on the task bar:


Highly annoying this is. The culprit is that control-shift-A is the shortcut to enabling this behavior, as is shown via “Konsole -> View -> Monitor for Activity”:


It’s fortunate that this is easy to disable. Right click on “Monitor for Activity -> Configure Shortcut”, then click on “Ctrl+Shift+A”, which will then display “Input”. Click on the left arrow graphic:


That should result in it showing “None”, which means that there will no longer be a shortcut. You might want to go back to “Konsole > View” and make sure that “Monitor for Activity” is not checked.

I seem to do this every time I set up KDE, so perhaps this will help others.

One thought on “Silencing Konsole Notification

  1. *Thank you*!

    Update 2016-10-12: Using Konsole 2.13.2 (KDE 4.13.3) on Ubuntu 14.04 the instructions don’t seem to work (I can’t find Monitor for Activity -> Configure Shortcut). You need to click the menu item “Settings ->Configure shortcuts”, scroll down to “Monitor for Activity”, click it, and select “Custom: None”.

    Still a fantastically useful article though – it pointed me at what I needed to be looking for.

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