Adding setup and teardown to RubyUnit Test Suite

The tests for pvn raise an interesting question to me. The pvn subcommands that wrap/extend the svn subcommands process the svn output, so the tests need svn output to run.

I’ve considered doing mock objects for svn, but that became confounding, where I was essentially mocking all of the svn subcommands that I need. So I’m leaning in the direction of doing operations against a “real” Subversion repository. On a 234M Subversion repository, it takes around 0.4 seconds to do a backup (cp -r), when both the source and the target locations are on the SSD in my machine.

So it’s feasible for the test sequence to be:

  • back up the svn repository (0.4 seconds)
  • check out the svn repository checked out to working copy (4 seconds)
  • working copy modified, with added, changed and deleted files and directories (< 10 seconds for all tests)
  • svn repository restored to backed up version (1 second)

I’m still considering how to go about this, but in the meantime I’ve written the following for adding suite-wide setup and teardown for the pvn base testcase. Note that this is on a class:

require 'runit/testcase'

module PVN
  class TestCase < RUNIT::TestCase
    include Loggable

    WIQUERY_DIRNAME = "/Programs/wiquery/trunk"

    class << self
      def setup
        @@orig_location = Pathname.pwd

      def teardown
        Dir.chdir @@orig_location

      def suite
        @@cls = self

        ste = super


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