Project pvn

pvn, here on GitHub, is my newest project, a front-end to the Subversion command-line program “svn”. This program will unite my various svn programs, such as svndelta, and my various scripts.

I’ve been building it from scratch, with a core of commands wrapping those in svn, and new commands. At this point the only more-or-less fully working subcommand is log, which extends svn log to use “relative revisions” (explained below), and displays colorized output. I plan to add the functionality so that a user can set the format and colors for log output.

What is probably the most innovative functionality in pvn is that revisions may be “relative”, meaning that +N is the Nth revision, and -N is the Nth revision before the most recent one. In a large project, revision numbers can get into the six and seven digits, and it’s much easier to think of “the latest checkin I did”, as opposed to “my checkin with revision 317127”.

I don’t have a timeline, but my goal is to have the functionality of the log and diff subcommands implemented by the end of the year.

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