Alternative Linux File System Hierarchy

The GoboLinux project looks interesting, in terms of their alternative file system hierarchy for Linux. As a long-term Linux user (10+ years), and Unix before that, I still do not grok where files should go. I view the home directory of a user as being private, so my common files (such as audio) as well as projects (work) do not seem to fit. I like the idea of /Files and /Depot directories, respectively for those two issues.

This may be pedantic, but it also seems that bin is wrong, in a conventional distribution, since those files are actually executables, not binary — many are scripts — and one would not think of putting true binary files, such as MP3s, in /usr/local/bin. That also raises the question — unsatisfactorily answered, to me — about what “local” means. Not shared? Not public?

I also like that Opera — my preferred browser — is included. It doesn’t seem that the bane of my favorite distribution, Fedora, is “fixed”, in that for example, proprietary (non-GPLed) codecs are included in the core distribution of GoboLinux.

The GoboLinux project seems to borrow from the design of the OS X file system hierarchy, which I’ve liked. I’d like to see programs filed according to the “domain” of their source, such as /Programs/org/apache/....

One thought on “Alternative Linux File System Hierarchy

  1. I looked at this distro the other day and I liked it. I’ve also looked at NIX which is attempting a similar idea. The interesting thing is checking out forums and the buzz about changing the FSH you see strong opposition to it. Apparently people love having a file system which requires you to use management software to find anything. . . and even then it will take a while. It seems to me that the “linux guru” in favor of the old FSH isn’t stopping long enough to see the benefits of a FSH like this. It isn’t that you get a new FSH but the fact that no distro would need to maintain a their own packages. Just eh amount of time and effort that would save should peak some interest with the big distros.

    Until Linux grows up and becomes its own OS it will flounder as the “geeks desktop.” Hanging on to the past is idiotic. An OS must adapt and evolve and some times that requires drastic changes to be made. This is where a visionary need to lead a major distro down the right path and others will follow but untill then we don’t have a true linux OS, we have ubuntu OS, mandrak OS, arch OS, etc. . .

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