Linux Network Woes

Much fun this fine evening.

I had to reboot the machine today — doing some work that required the electricity to that room to be shut off — and after rebooting, I noticed that the network connection would go down. There was nothing in /var/log/messages. I could restart the connection (/etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart), and ping my router ( for a while. But within 45 seconds to 3 minutes, the connection would be lost.

Oddly, I could do a broadcast ping (ping -b, and see other machines on my network.

After a while, I ventured over to my newest laptop, given to me yesterday at my company, which had a nice helpful error message, that there was another machine on the network with the same IP address.

I’m shocked … shocked, I tell you. Because for the first time, in my 12 years of Linux usage, I found Linux to be harder to diagnose than Windows (this was XP). Would it really have been that difficult for Linux to add a nice little message, saying the same thing?

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